LAG optimizes internal logistics

LAG Trailers conducted an internal audit to maximize the production efficiency. The audit resulted in multiple areas of improvement focused on the internal logistics. First steps have already been taken towards an improved material handling.

Eyes on the future

After consultations with internal as well as external partners, LAG has its eyes on the future. The company is experimenting with bold steps to drastically increase efficiency.

In the first phase, LAG completely eliminates its own storage of fasteners. The tank builder thus saves significant storage space in the warehouse and also reduces internal logistics traffic.

Internal logistics, external supplier

An external company will store and transport the fixing material where and when needed. Usually, the external company checks and delivers the required material once a week. But the system adapts itself to the needs and requirements of the tanker builder.

This system works according to the KanBan principle. The new system is immediately applicable to all production lines as well as to the service department.

LAG chooses to collaborate with Fabory, a reference in the logistical handling of these fastening techniques.

Long term

This big step is only the first one in a long process of optimizing LAG's logistics operations. More than 20 efficiency processes are part of this strategic endeavor over a period of 2 years.

LAG will focus on external transport, internal logistics and IT support. This set of optimizations will exist alongside the current manufacturing optimizations.

LAG optimizes internal logistics
16 Juli 2019