The Geusens brothers

“Proper vision on the future“oude_foto_fabriek.png

In the 1930s, the brothers Geusens opened a
a new forge and worked very closely with their stepfather.
They repaired ships, studded horses
and worked with local businesses.
Arnold Geusens took care of the commercial side.
Lambert Geusens controlled the production.



The Second World War could not restrain the duo.
Arnold spent seven months as a prisoner of war
Lambert re- launched the company during wartime .
This turbulent period inspired them to start working on transport vehicles.


“Incomparable, commercial insight”

The second world war appeared to be a
large opportunity for the new born LAG.
They've  rebuilt excessive, left behind, 
English and American transportation material into
appropriate semi-trailers.


"Vision on the future"

With the worldwide oil demand reaching new heights,
Arnold foretold an even larger demand
for tankers. To offer his clients
a competitive advantage, he sent off his
employees for specific trainings in France.
He prepared the next innovations
the meantime. After a crash course of English,
he visited 15 trailer manufacturers
in Northern America.
The newly received info brought
the aluminium tanker to Europe for the first time.

The uncontrollable urge,
to offer competitive advantages to its customers,
skyrocketed LAG to the top
of the European trailermarket.
And so, the company established itself
as a leading tank builder for the next decades.

“Personal acknowledgement”

The city of Bree recognized LAG's positive impact.
Arnold Geusens received the title of '1st honorary citizen of Bree'
during the 1970's.
At the age of 95, Arnold Geusens was named
'most influential citizen of all times' on the occasion of
the city's 1000 years old history.

“Continuing on the same road”

Our founding brothers layed out, the future structure.
Unburdening of customers has always been the top priority.
Even though the war is over,
we still fight to maximize your competivity, even today.

This traditional approach remains very relevant.
LAG remains a local Belgian producer,
with a global know-how.
This defines us as a quality manufacturer with unparalleled knowledge.