Mission and vision

The transportation industry is constantly changing.


We keep a close eye on the developments,
as well as the customer desires.
Like, affordable prices, fast delivery times and impeccable quality.
For ages, LAG is known for its high quality,
but it continues working on the future.
This commitment is reflected in our vision and mission,
where the vision describes our vision and mission our way there.


Our vision

As a dynamic organisation LAG aims to reach the top 3 of tanker and intermodal manufacturers in Europe. Sustainable entrepreneurship and the use of the most efficient production methods are at the base of high-quality products and an excellent customer relationship.

Our mission

Supplying reliable, innovative and modular built road transport vehicles for the European tank- and intermodal industry. Customer centricity and safety are always at the center,
so that we can realise a competitive product together with our suppliers, who are the cornerstone of our global supply chain strategy. In our service department customers can
rely on our long history and knowledge to achieve a perfect result from the most difficult repairs of damaged vehicles.