18 November 2019

LAG introduces French ADR tanker

Since this month LAG Trailers is eligible to deliver stainless steel ADR tankers on the French market. The premiere of the vehicle will happen on the Solutrans fair.

Broad range of products for France

Next to the delivery of stainless steel food tankers, silo trailers, fuel tankers, container chassis and aluminium containers the ADR-tanker is next on LAG’s complete range of tanker vehicles the company offers to France.

In recent years the company invested time and resources in the production of tankers tailored to the French market as well as further extending its service network and enlarging its sales presence for the local market.


LAG received an approval for its vehicles to transport goods in the ADR classes 3, 4.1, 5.1, 6.1, 8 and 9. That makes LAG’s stainless steel tankers eligible to contain general chemicals like acids, flammable products and a broad range of other products.

Delvaux will be the first company in France to drive LAG’s ADR tanker. The next batch of LAG ADR tankers will arrive shortly at TIP Trailers Service France with other orders in the pipeline.

Solutrans Fair

The tanker LAG presents on the fair has a volume of 37500 L and stays well below 7 tonnes of tare weight. The vehicle is equipped with LED lighting, stainless steel heating elements and quality parts of reliable brands.

To showcase its company in France, LAG Trailers and its products can be found at the Solutrans business fair in hall 4 stand N° 198 from the 19th until the 23th of November.

LAG introduces French ADR tanker
18 November 2019