30 March 2021

LAG Trailers performs strongly in new sustainability report

LAG Trailers shows strong results in a recent internal sustainability report. The company has reduced its energy consumption by 33 % in all areas over the last decade.  

Growth path

LAG Trailers has followed an impressive path over the last 10 years. In its own long-term plans, the company projected a reduction in energy consumption combined with a higher performing production apparatus.

The company far exceeded its own targets in the long-term strategy. Today, LAG uses half as much electricity cut its oil consumption by 2/3, thanks to the implementation of more sustainable alternatives.

The tanker manufacturer is also doing well economically thanks to these endeavours.

‘Our ecological and economic objectives have completely aligned. Energy costs have dropped by 55% compared to 2011. This partly compensates for the rising material and labour costs and ensures that we can remain competitive. But don’t let this take the focus off the most important thing, and that is our reduced ecological footprint,' says CEO Ramaekers. 

The steps taken

LAG Trailers tackled the change gradually and invested consistently on an annual basis. The latest example is the switch to new types of compressors for the use of compressed air. This investment fits in with the long list of recent investments, such as new production halls and assembly lines, the renewed mains power supply and gas heaters, the welding robot and laser, etc.

Facility Manager Vrijsen says that the company linked smart investments to innovative solutions.

‘LAG used a holistic approach to come to this result. We did not only look at the large consumers. We improved our production methods with the corresponding logistic processes and at the same time we replaced our outdated machinery. The new machines consume much less and are more efficient, which is a good thing," says Vrijsen. 

The next multi-year plan is already fully mapped out, and is intended to further reduce consumption. The company is focusing on further renovation of the machine park, more automation, and improving the current communication network. 

LAG Trailers performs strongly in new sustainability report
30 March 2021