09 September 2019

Nijhof-Wassink opts for LAG stainless steel tankers

The Dutch logistics service provider Nijhof-Wassink invests in 10 stainless steel LAG tankers. This order is a calculated mix of equipment options, empty weight and connectivity.

Hands-on experience

The Dutch silo transporter is an experienced veteran in the purchase of transport equipment. This is evident from the specifications list of the series of tank trailers. Maarten Thaens, Master Engineer at LAG Trailers indicates that it is not so much the rich options list that demonstrates this experience. ‘The smaller modifications to the vehicle that guarantee a more efficient and wear-resistant transport in the long term give it away. The team at Nijhof asked for adjustments on a more detailed scale; manhole seals, insulation and unloading modalities.’

These tankers transport very specific goods that require special handling. LAG therefore gave the inside of the tank a high-polished finishing. This improves the unloading possibilities of sticky goods.

Johan Bakker, Fleet Manager Chemical Logistics at Nijhof-Wassink motivates the choice of these options: 'The requested options counteract possible wear and tear in daily use and will further increase the working efficiency'.


Nijhof-Wassink invests heavily in digital fleet management. The aim is to further increase the control of its own vehicles. This also characterizes the new LAG tankers. Each vehicle is equipped with a communication unit that is directly connected to the headquarters.

In addition to the location, the fleet management team can also monitor the temperature in the various compartments thanks to the digital thermometers that LAG has placed on each individual compartment of the tanker. This is crucial for the transport of certain types of products.

1400 x LAG Trailers

Nijhof and LAG have been working together for over 20 years now. The partnership is responsible for a total of 1,400 vehicles and endless kilometres on European roads.  Both companies are also continuing the cooperation, because in addition to the delivery of these 10 stainless steel tankers, Nijhof will receive another 30 LAG tipping silo trailers later this year.

Nijhof-Wassink is using this purchase partly to replace older vehicles and also to expand the current fleet.

Nijhof-Wassink opts for LAG stainless steel tankers
09 September 2019