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12 November 2019

LAG Trailers cooperates with experienced local partner

Belgian road tanker giant LAG Trailers partners with French rigids specialist CM in France.

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15 October 2019

Groupe Napoly switches to silo trailer supplier LAG Trailers

One of the French fuel transport market leaders Groupe Napoly has just bought 2 series of silo trailers with Belgian supplier LAG Trailers.

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07 October 2019

Gebroeders Crijns receives first Belgian LAG non-tipping silo trailer

Last year LAG presented its new non-tipping silo trailer at the IAA-business fair.

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09 September 2019

Nijhof-Wassink opts for LAG stainless steel tankers

The Dutch logistics service provider Nijhof-Wassink invests in 10 stainless steel LAG tankers.