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Trust the pioneer

Steel fuel trailers since 1949. The first European aluminum fuel trailer in 1958. Your vehicle showcases over 60 years of experience and innovation.

  • LAG fuel trailer Shell 1978

Intensive testing behavior

LAG has a unique indoor test facility. This property simulates, tests and calibrates all meters, loading and unloading systems. After specialized training your driver operates a fully tested and inspected vehicle.

  • LAG testing hall

Modular design

Flexibility, short delivery times, service-friendly design, standardized and yet not so standardized. Through modular design, LAG smoothly adapts to the ever-changing transportation market.

  • Fuel trailer modular design

Experience quality

The latest loading and unloading technologies combined with high-quality piping ensure a residue-free and safe daily operation. We won't leave a drop behind!

  • LAG fuel truck body with drawbar trailer

Driver oriented

Our proven, robust design combines a secure tank access with ergonomically designed appliance cabinets. You'll experience a safe and user friendly fuel trailer.

  • Appliance cabinet LAG fuel trailer

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