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20 FT tank container chassis

Our steel chassis for 20 FT container transports all ISO containers as well 7.15 m SWAP, 7.45 m SWAP and 7.82 m SWAP containers. We provide hose racks between the chassis and various back end configurations. You decide the type of walkway, steps and container access.

  • Back end 20 FT container chassis
  • 20 FT container chassis

20/30 FT tank container chassis

The 20/30 FT LAG steel container chassis , carries 20 FT containers as well as ISO, 7.15 m, 7.45 m, 7.82 m SWAP-containers and 30 FT containers. We offer different solutions for hose racks, spilling tray, back end steps and container access .

  • Tank container chassis 20/30FT 20FT 30FT

40/45 FT container chassis

Steel chassis, both in straight and gooseneck version. You can choose a fixed bumper construction or an extendable version. We also provide additional crossmembers for the purpose of transporting 20 FT or 30 FT containers.

  • Container chassis 40/45 FT 40 FT 45 FT
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