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You decide between following volumes:

  • KB 42 : Tipping silo trailer 42m³  
  • KB 45 : Tipping silo trailer 45m³  
  • KB 48 : Tipping silo trailer 48m³  
  • KB 52 : Tipping silo trailer 52m³  
  • KB 55 : Tipping silo trailer 55m³
  • KB 58 : Tipping silo trailer 58m³  
  • KB 60 : Tipping silo trailer 60m³  
  • KB 63 : Tipping silo trailer 63m³  
  • KB 65 : Tipping silo trailer 65m³
  • Tipped silo semi-trailer


The aeration system of a LAG tipping silo trailer consists of the following components:

  • Stainless steel air pipes (3 "or 4")
  • Stainless air pipes on the upper side of the tank
  • Electro-polished stainless steel air manifold (3 "or 4")
  • In the stainless steel discharge cone you'll find a stainless steel aeration ring, a fluidization fabrik or Solimar. Air filters can be added to the air pipes or air manifold.
  • Tipping silo semi-trailer stainless steel discharge cone
  • Tipping silo trailer superstructure
  • Tipping silo trailer stainless steel air pipes
  • Tipping silo semi-trailer stainless steel air pipes
  • Tipping silo semi-trailer air manifold

Bumper construction

 You've got the choice between two bumper constructions on LAG tipping silo trailers:

  •   a rotating bumper
  •   an extendable bumper
  • Rotating bumper on LAG tipping silo trailers
  • Extendable bumper on LAG tipping silo trailers
  • Extendable bumper tipping silo semi-trailers

Your corporate identity

With only one circumferential welding seam you'll receive a stress-free and smooth tank. Our own craftsmen paint your tank and place the lettering (both painted and in sticker form). The LAG tipping silo semi-trailer is the perfect carrier of your corporate identity.

  • Stress free tipping silo trailer tank
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