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Reliable tank transport.

Since 1951.

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Safety through experience

Stainless steel LAG tankers since 1951. Over 60 years of experience and cooperation between customers, drivers and engineers. Our secure and proven design offers you a hassle-free transport, for over a decade.

  • LAG stainless steel tanker

Powerful diet

Powerhouses go on a diet too. Every pound we save, is one extra you can carry. That's why LAG continuously focuses on smart weight improvements.

  • LAG tank trailer

Respect your corporate identity

Your trailers represent your organization. Don't compromise. You determine the color and material of the chassis, tank. Design them according to your taste and increase your visibility.

  • Detailed tanker customization

Cost-saving tank

Our tank trailers demonstrate the lowest number of circumferential welding seams. Combined with a customized finishing grade of the inner tank, you'll receive perfect cleaning solutions and unloading without residue.

  • LAG tanker

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