30 Janvier 2020

LAG Trailers invests in safe networking environment

Additional online safety is an important pillar of LAG's IT department. Recently the company invested in an improved internal network and now the company focused on a safer working environment.

Multi-factor authentication

LAG Trailers worked closely with Belgian IT-partner EuroSys on an extra security layer with multi-factor authentication. This authentication method ensures that in addition to a password you have to take a second step to gain access to your data.

"Thanks to AuthPoint from WatchGuard we now work much more securely and it is also user-friendly", as stated by Ronny Kelchtermans, system administrator at LAG.

LAG already had a multi-factor authentication solution, but this software was in need of a renewal. For the update LAG called in the help of EuroSys. "A few years ago EuroSys renewed our entire IT infrastructure and helped setting up the current firewalls," says Ronny Kelchtermans.

Multiple advantages

Ronny Kelchtermans was immediately convinced to install the multi-factor authentication solution Authpoint from WatchGuard. "It's a cloud solution, so we don't have to worry about updates anymore. The program also has an app for the smartphone that updates itself. This method is much safer than the old one", according to the system administrator.

"Another big advantage of Authpoint is the help to meet the GDPR-requirements. The extra security layer is an important prerequisite to secure our data ". as mentioned by Ronny Kelchtermans. Authpoint also secures other applications in the cloud (Office 365, Teamleader, ...) as well as on LAG’s own server environment.

User-friendly solution

LAG employees are delighted with the new MFA solution. Ronny Kelchtermans: "They all think it's an improvement, especially in terms of user-friendliness. Now they don't have to bring extra hardware to log in. In addition to their username and password, all they need is their smartphone. And they always have it with them." It's also easy that there are different methods of logging in. LAG's employees can choose between push notifications, one-time passwords or QR codes.

At LAG, they are also very satisfied with how the software works when it comes to managing Authpoint. "We can log in and make changes wherever we are," mentions Kelchtermans. 

LAG Trailers invests in safe networking environment
30 Janvier 2020