Smartly designed

Perfectly combining lightweight materials with a durable design.

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Our models

LAG Trailers offers 6 types of aluminium silo containers:

  • 20 FT
  • 20 FT ISO
  • 30 FT
  • 30 FT ISO
  • 40 FT
  • 40 FT ISO
  • 30 FT aluminium silo container for bulk


Our containers comply with ISO, UIC, CSC & PED regulations and can be made optional in ADR or deep sea execution with fully ISO 1496-3 approval. .

  • Dry bulk container LAG 40 FT

User-friendly solutions

The ergonomically designed LAG silo container improves your safety while simplifying your everyday cargo handling.

  • 30 FT pressurised aluminium silo container
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